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We worship according to the traditions and tenets of the Episcopal Church laid out in The Book of Common Prayer. Our Sunday worship always includes readings from the Bible, a sermon, and Holy Eucharist.  We believe anyone who is seeking a deeper understanding of God and who desires to follow Christ is welcome at our table. If you would like to serve on our worship team, please speak to the Rector or a member of the Vestry.


+ What time is worship?

          We start the service promptly at 10:30 on Sunday mornings. 


+ Do I have to dress up to come to church? 

         No!  Come as you are. Some folks dress up and some come in shorts and flipflops.


+ What are the books in the rack in front of me?  

         The red book is The Book of Common Prayer. It provides liturgies, prayers, and instructions so that all members of the church may share in common worship. The blue book is the 1982 Hymnal. The hymn numbers are provided on the tv screens and on the hymn boards at the front of the church.


+ Why do some people bow or kneel before entering the pews while others don't do anything at all?

          What you’re noticing is called “reverencing” and people have different ways of doing it. Some bow in the direction of the altar, some “genuflect” (touch their knee to the floor), others reverence silently without any gesture. Do whatever helps you to worship God. 


+ Why do so many people make the sign of the cross?  And do I have to do that? 

          No, you don't have to do it; it is a personal worship style. Some people do it out of habit, and others do it because it reminds them of their promise to “take up their own cross” to follow Jesus. 


+ What's with the water in the basin at the back of the church?

          The water at the back of the church is "holy water" specially blessed by a priest. It reminds us of the promises we made to God when we were baptized. The custom is to dip your fingers into it and bless yourself as you come in and leave the building. The water is changed out weekly. 


+ Should I come up for communion even if I don't understand the meaning of it? 

          YES! Rational understanding is not a requirement for receiving the Sacrament. The Sacraments are a               gift of God's grace to us and God’s grace does not depend upon our full understanding.


+  What happens at Communion? 

           What happens before the Holy Communion is what's really important. A priest takes the ordinary elements of bread, wine, and water, and blesses them in a way that transforms them into the holy mystery of God's love for us. We are what we eat, and we believe that, in consuming the bread and the wine each week, we are taking Jesus into our lives.

+How do I participate?

           When you come up for communion, you may stand or kneel. As the priest approaches you,                                     outstretch your hands (right palm over left) and he/she will place a piece of sanctified bread in your hands. Another person will follow with wine.  If you are immuno-compromised and do not wish to share wine from the common cup, please be assured that consuming only the sanctified bread constitutes "full communion." If you would prefer only a blessing, signify that by crossing your hands over your heart and the priest will say a blessing prayer over you.   


+ What if my child becomes disruptive? 

         We have been there before and we understand. We are not bothered by it as much as you may be.               

There are books, crayons, and coloring books in the children's area to the left of the pulpit.  Moving a child to the front of the church also allows them to better see what's going on at the altar! 


+ What do I call the priest? 

           Most people call our priest Mother Liz or Reverend Liz, but she does not object to being called by her first name.  


           Please ask anyone around you for help. You may also contact our priest, The Reverend Liz Meade                   (, to make an appointment to address anything that is on your mind or just to get to know her better.  

Service Time

·         Sundays at 10:30 AM

·         We would love to see you there. Come as you are.

·         Please join us for coffee hour before the service on Sundays at 9:30 am in our lower-level Guild Hall.

LOCATION:  Map above

ADDRESS: 320 Broad Street - Lake Geneva

COFFEE HOUR:         9:30 AM


PARKING:  See an usher for a parking pass.

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