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What We Believe

  • in Jesus Christ as our Lord

  • in Faith AND reason

  • that loving God and loving neighbor are non-negotiable

  • that the Bible is to be taken seriously, and therefore not literally

  • that God loves all people, even sinners

  • that Christianity is about asking questions and life long learning

  • that you don’t have to believe everything about Jesus in order to follow him

  • that service in and to the community is not optional

  • that faith is a never-ending journey, not a one-time event

Holy Communion Episcopal Church is an open and affirming parish of loving people dedicated to doing the work to which Christ calls us.  We worship in an historic downtown church located two blocks from the shores of beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

We proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ not only in our worship, but every day through our faith and action in the world. 

We are a parish formally affiliated with the organizations linked below. 

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